Golf Paint Pens

Beginning in 2020 we are furnishing paint pens loaded with our specialized paints, mostly our most popular matches.  Our older paints will not be available in pens, just bottles.  Below we have listed the instructions for the use of our paint pens.

Great for Putter White Lines

Narrow and straight lines are what you get from these pens.  The flow of paint is better controlled with an even flow with each push of pen.  Our Taylormade TM-GP3912 matte white is available in pen. 

Instructions for Paint Pen Usage


1. Shake until mixing balls are dominate. Pull lid off.  DO NOT UNSCREW (unscrewing may cause paint spilling)


2. Prime paint tip by pushing continuously up and down on paint tip, holding pen upright until tip is covered with paint.


3. After tip is covered with paint and primed, push once for applying paint.


         4. Apply in thin coats as needed, allowing to dry between coats.  Push lid back    on tip when  finished.


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