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Golf Paint, Inc.

A New Year with new paints for 2014! Watch for new listings.

Enjoy playing in 2014 with friends, neighbors, business associates, and family.  We have your clubs covered, so the dings should be the minor issues!

About Golf Paint  and our twelve year history

Check out our reputation directly from our customers

Cobra Red is here

Nike Red Paint for Covert Clubs has Arrived at Last!!!  NI-GP4667

heck out advantages of using

Golf Paint

A very easy to use product for covering
scratches and scuffs on your favorite clubs without  sending away for weeks.

4 step repair suggestions updated  October, 2013.  Please read before application 

Please Notice:  The touch-up paint for the Titleist 910 and 913 does NOT have the metal flakes in it as the crown has.  It works great for small chips and minor scratches that doesn't take up much room on the crown of the club. 

Special procedures for application of silver / matte black and Nike Covert touch-up paints


Even though you don't have that scuff or scratch yet, wouldn't it be nice to have our computerized paint match around and  READY for use?  Cover it up the same day and nobody will ever know the difference. 


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  The new 2014 Taylormade JetSpeed Match is here

2014  X2 Silver Series is now available

Covert Red Available

Taylormade SLDR mini driver TM-GP3915

SLDR 2014 White Ser


2014 Big Bertha 
series            CA-GP4726

Light Blue for sole 
of club


In Stock Now!
Taylormade R1 Driver and FW Woods

Check out the World's most popular club for 2013 and the color matches we have to offer for touch-up..

TM-GP3911A - Our most popular paint for the past two years for the R11 series and The RBZ series clubs.

TM-GP3911S - New silver paint for
this club.  Also a match for the RBZ stage 2 2013 clubs.

TM-GP3911O - New orange paint for
this club and also for upper shaft of the R1

TM-GP3911C - New charcoal paint for
this club.  Also matches face of club
and lower shaft of the R1.  Also a match for the RBZ stage 2 2013 clubs.

Please Note:  With the expense of postage these days, ensure that you order the correct item number associated with this club above.  I have too many customers ordering black which is 3911B, that want white which is 3911A.  Please ensure you order the right item with the correct number..

The new R1 BLACK club paints now available.  We offer three new colors for the crown.  Ensure you order the correct color listed below.

TM-GP3914B black

TM-GP3914LG  light gray

TM-GP3914MG medium gray

TM-GP3914MG matches crown of the SLDR 2013 club

New display packages available for golf courses and shops     Free Shipping for display packages.



Titleist 913 Paint

TaylorMade Ghost Putter Paint Available NOW

Order Now!   Cobra S3 Driver White Crown.  This match requires a kit of two paints due to the unique paint formula.  It requires a base coat and top coat.  CO-GP3750/3750B

Check out instructions

If you have already scratched or marked your new R11 crown, you're not alone!   

Order Today!!

Check out our inventory of 11 years

Combine Shipping Available From This Site

We will ship two paints for the price of shipping one within the U.S. 50 states!  Two paints shipped internationally discounted. This does not happen on ebay due to their selling fees!

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