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Thanks for making 2022 a very successful year for Golf Paint.  Our new competition  buying large amounts of advertisements selling colors of paint that are probably OK  if you want to change the color of your clubs, or putters?  However, most folks want to keep their clubs the ORIGINAL COLOR!  That's what seperates Golf Paint from our competitors!  We spent the  money to buy the clubs, scan and reproduce the ORIGINAL formula!  That's what we have always done and continue to do each year.  We make a big investment in each club paint we sell.  We hope you understand the difference.


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PLEASE NOTICE:  Regardless of what google says, WE DO NOT REPAIR OR REFINISH GOLF CLUBS OR GOLF BAGS!  We just sell paint!


2023 Golf Digest "Hot List"
Golf Hot List 202320230303_0026.pdf
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Stealth 2 2023/Stealth 1 2022


Stealth 1/2022



Both blacks for the crown are available.  The pure black for the rim above the face and the matte for the rest of the crown.


 Stealth 2/2023

same colors, but rim is matte, TM-GP3925M and crown is gloss, TM-GP3924B


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Stealth Red is Here



PXG 4th Generation 2021/22 Matte Black




Cobra 2022 LTD

Matte Black for crown of this 2022 Cobra club series




Callaway 2023 Paradym Clubs


Item number



Matte Black for the only paintable area on club.


Pure black for some of these clubs such as the #9 fairway wood


item number



18.95 + shipping










Ping g425 Series 2022/ 2023 g430

Matches 425 Max/SFT/LST matte black clubs for 2022 and g 430 max 2023




Callaway Rogue ST Max

2022 Matte Black



Titleist TSI/TSi2/TSi3/TSi4



2023 TSR-1,2,3.4 series






Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver

Coming Soon.   Matching paint for the crown of this 2023 Club.

TM-GP3929MDB   Black  In Stock


TM-GP3929MDG   Gray  Coming Soon



Taylormade BRNR Mini Driver

Coming Soon. Matching Paint for the sole of this 2023 Club

TM-GP3929MDC  (Copper)

Coming Soon





Ellwee for 2022

The Amazing Ellwee Golf Cart

Check out this amazing one person golf cart that will revolutionary the golf cart  industry .  It's fast, quiet, versatile and affordable.  

For more info on the Ellwees go to our page


or to the U.S. Distributer



Most Popular in 2021

Callaway 2021 Epic Clubs

Welcome back the Epic Series.  Epic Speed, Epic Max, Epic Max LS for 2021.  The black crown paint and the green sole paint is now in our inventory. 




Ping 425 black


Titleist TS2/3 2021 Crown Paint


Ping G LE Ladies



Taylormade GT Spider Putter Matte Black

TM GT Spider Matte Blk

Taylormade SIMS 2021/2022/2023

Match for SIMS and SIMs 2 clubs 2021/22/23 and is also the Chalky White for the putters of this color.



SIMs Blue







Callaway Mavrik Japan Model for 2021 and Ladies Japanese model






Golf Paint, Inc. is proud to sponsor our local golf course, a Golf Paint affiliate,  in Augusta, Kansas.   New things are happening at this beautiful and fun 9 hole course.  New ownership is taking this course to a new and higher level by joining Augusta Fitness for a combine membership as one, known as Augusta Country Club and Fitness.  One membership will be reciprocal for both, golf and fitness.   Lots of coming attractions to look forward to and reasons to join the activity of Augusta Country Club and Fitness!  check out our page on this website


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"Great Paint, Perfect Match"



Thanks to Taylormade and Nike for recommending Golf Paint and our paints to their customers.  This is a big boost for our company and we truly appreciate their recommendations.



Easy to  Fix it Yourself


.6 oz. glass bottle with a brush applicator in lid.  We also offer matches for some putters and a pure black for irons.

TM M3/4/5/6 Silver

TM Red Putter

Spider X Navy Blue

My Spider Blue



Taylormade Spider X Copper

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