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PLEASE NOTICE:  Regardless of what google says, WE DO NOT REPAIR OR REFINISH GOLF CLUBS OR GOLF BAGS!  We just sell paint!


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Thanks to Taylormade and Nike for recommending Golf Paint and our paints to their customers.  This is a big boost for our company and we truly appreciate their recommendations.



Easy to  Fix it Yourself


Our 3 most Popular Paints for 2018/2019

We sell touch-up paints for golf clubs.  Our product is in a

.6 oz. glass bottle with a brush applicator in lid.  We also offer matches for some putters and a pure black for irons.

TM M3/4/5/6 Silver

This will be our most popular paint for 2019.  It finished the last 3 months of 2018 our most popular.  With the new 2019 M5s and M6s, it will remain as #1.




TM Red Putter

This paint has been a favorite for the past year and continues.  It matches the Jason Day limited, red putter and Ardmore series.



TM M1/M2 White

Not as popular as it was in 2016/ 2017, but remains at the top of popularity.



2018/2019 Paints Recently Added

Taylormade My Spider Tour Putter Light Blue

Taylormade Spider X Copper

Taylormade Spider X Navy Blue

Callaway Rogue Turquoist 2018-2019

Many have asked for this match for the blue turquoise for the Callaway Rogues.  It's here!  


item number CA-GP9000RT


16.95 + shipping

Titleist 818 Hybrid     Dark Metallic Gray for crown        Titleist   4 down from top of page

Titleist 816 Hybrid        Metallic Gray for crown

Titleist TS 2 TS 3       3 paints for this club.  black for crown, matte black and silver for sole
Taylormade page 3     Taylormade M3/M4/M5/M6 2018 Silver
Taylormade page 3     Taylormade M3/M4 Black 2018
Taylormade 3             Taylormade Diamond Silver Tour Putter 2018
TM Black Tour Putter   Taylormade Black Tour Putter
Callaway Rogue 2018  Callaway 2018 Rogue Black
Odyssey Putter           Odyssey 2017/2018 Red Putter

Enjoy playing in 2018 with friends, neighbors, business associates, and family. 

We have your clubs covered, so the dings should be the minor issues!. 

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