PXG 2022 4th Generation X Series

PXG 2021/22 4th Gen 0811XF

PXG 0811XF

Matte Black match for this club.

Item number PX-GP002MB


18.95 plus shipping



PXG 0811XF Sole Paint

Pure Glossy Black for part of sole for this club



item number  PX-GP002BK


18.95 + shipping



Troy and daughter, Dawsyn on Ellwee at Wichita Open

The Ellwee is an one person electric golf cart, or just a fun machine to stroll around the neighborhood on!  The Ellwee will go 40 miles on a charge.  THEY ARE FUN!  They definitely speeds up a golf game, not waiting around for others to get into your cart.

To get the best deal available, you need to check out aircapitalgolf.store


Air Capital Golf is your USA distributer for Ellwees.   You will find many varieties of the Ellwee, plus what you see under Accessories on the left of this page.

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