Nike Covert Red and TM Jason Day Red

This is a high metallic mixture of tri-color paints which will change colors if NOT applied correctly. Do not put on heavy, or too much at one time which will cause the paint to dry dark. Apply one direction only. Do not back across applied paint. Apply thin coats only and allow to dry before applying additional coats. SHAKE VERY WELL before application. Follow below directions.  Procedure #1 is CRITICAL!!!!


Practice procedure on wood, cardboard or metal before applying to club. Practice procedure until match is the same as club.


1. Shake very well until properly mixed and mixing balls are a dominate sound.  Turn upside down and notice color in bottom of bottle.  This will usually be a orange metallic  You need to shake until this color is the same as the red in the rest of the bottle.  The turning of color will usually start in the middle of the bottom of bottle and slowly spread through-out the entire bottle after shaking.  It may take as long as 5 minutes and opening the top a few times, relieving the pressure inside for easier mixing. 


2. Remove brush and wipe off stem and bristles with paper towel


3. Dip bristles into bottle and thinly coat with paint.


4. Apply thin coat by stroking ONE way, do not go backward over applied paint. (this will darken the finish and change the match)


5. Allow to dry and repeat 1-4 above


6. You may choose to lightly smooth between coats with a fine wet and dry sandpaper (600-1000 grit), or a fine steel wool.

7. Apply the necessary coats to fill the scratches and chips. DO NOT hurry application


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