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Correct Paypal Information Including Your Address

Make sure your address is correct in Paypal before ordering.  Our labels are made as soon as your order is official. Also, our labels includes the total shipping cost.  If your Paypal address is wrong, the label will be wrong and at my expense. The information you have with Paypal is embeded in the labels.  You just can't stick a new address on a label that has been produced with PP information.   Before the first printing I can change the address if I am notified by you, usually within 5-10 minutes from you placing your order.  That's the only time a label can be adjusted.   You will be refunded the cost of the paint and the cost below will be retained with Golf Paint.  We can't afford to eat the price of a shipping label.  Sorry




Domestic $9.00



Shipping Rates Effective  2024
1 paint
2 paints
3 paints
4 paints
5 paints and up




Domestic (US 50 states)
9.00 USD
9.00 USD
10.00 USD
1200 USD
20.00 USD




Tracking numbers are provided for all shipments.


Effective January 27, 2019 notice the change in shipping fees

USPS allows shipping First Class International in large envelopes and flats.  Using I am still able to join with and another provider to continue using this service which is by far the cheapest shipping method, even though the rates for this service has increased.  I had no choice but to slightly raise the shipping fees.   Very sorry folks!


Fast shipment of our product is one of our main objectives at Golf Paint. Sometimes things happen and the product gets lost, misplaced, or stolen while in transit. This does not happen often. Maybe once in three months or sometimes longer, but it does happen. Once in awhile, we enter the wrong address on the shipping label, very seldom, however it has happened. The later we can detect when the postal service returns it to our address . If the product vanishes in transit we can not detect that problem.


Within the U.S. 48 states shipment usually takes 3-5 days from shipping date. Sometimes sooner, but very seldom beyond 5 days. To *Canada (3 weeks) and our other two states, Hawaii and Alaska, the norm is 5-7 days. Over ten days usually indicates a problem. To Europe usually allow 7-10 days. Over 10 usually indicates a problem. To Australia usually takes about 10 days, sometimes 12. Over 12 usually indicates a problem.


We ship via U.S. parcel post and do provide tracking numbers . If you don't receive your product within these listed allowable days then contact us so we can solve the issue. We want you to be happy with our transaction, so you must let us know if you didn't receive your shipment. We will make it right! We will always notify you when we ship your product so you know when to start the countdown for delivery to your destination.

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