General Terms and Conditions


If paint match differs from order, we will resend the correct color match.




Our shipments will be via U.S. Postal Service. Allow 3-5 business days.


Contact with merchant is necessary for shipping items by case or large quantities. contact form


Sales within the State of Kansas will have a minimum of 6.3% sales tax added to invoice, depending on community, since business originates in this state


Domestic shipping is our (Merchant) responsibility until tracking shows it has reached the customer's local Post Office.  Once it has reached it's final Post Office, the Merchant's responsiblity ends.  We can't be responsible for what a local post office, or person does with the shipment.


International shipping is our responsibility until the shipment reaches the country of destination.  We have no control over a country's customs policies, or what a custom agent does with the shipment. 

It is very important for your Paypal address to be current.  We make our shipping label as soon as we receive our Paypal invoice.  Once label is printed with received address we can not change address with a re-print.  The correct address with a new label will be necessary costing you the buyer.  Look under Shipping Information for details.

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