Matte Black Application



Practice procedure on wood, cardboard or metal before applying to club

1. Shake very well until properly mixed and mixing balls are a dominate sound

2. Remove brush and wipe off stem and bristles with paper towel


3. Dip bristles into bottle and thinly coat with paint.

4. Practice coating a thin coat until desired match is accomplished. NOTE: Heavier you apply, the darker and shiner the finish will be. The formula is correct, but requires the right amount of paint for proper match. You can not puddle this paint and get a correct match.   (see #8 procedure below)

5. Allow to dry and repeat 1-4 above


6. You may choose to lightly smooth between coats with  a fine steel wool.  Recommend #0000


7. Apply the necessary coats to fill the scratches and chips. DO NOT hurry application


8.  Matte Black will dry shiner than the original.  Use fine steel wool #0000 to buff and dull the shine to your match original finish.


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