Please Read: We have very few complaints concerning our paints, but here are a few things YOU, the consumer needs to realize and take note of:  We do make mistakes sometimes by sending the wrong paint, or sometimes a bad bottle or batch.  Also, the consumer sometimes orders the wrong match.  You, the consumer should test the paint by applying a small amount on the club.  In a manner of 10-30 minutes you will know if it matches.  Most of our paints will come off, even after a few hours with paint thinner.  If there is a problem with the match, take paint thinner and wipe it off.  Let  us know your problem, so we can correct it.  DO NOT repair your club until you try the color match.  Common sense goes far sometimes! 

Taylormade silver for the M4/M5/M6 clubs, TM-GP3919S, is a special and expensive paint.  It is a PPG Deltron paint which requires lacquer thinner for thinning for an airbrush or spray apparatus.  Do not use a regular paint thinner for enamel.  It will gum up your spray apparatus.

4 Step Suggested Repair and Use of our Paints

The quick and easy fix for scuffs and scratches on your special club crown.  See our 4 step repair suggestions.  Fix it yourself and KEEP your club, not having to ship it off and wait weeks for it. 



One of the great advantages of Golf Club Paint: You don't have to give up your club for repairs. With a few easy steps you can fix your own club and make it look brand new!


Special Application Instructions for silver, matte black and Nike red covert



Below we have listed suggested repair steps. We are not in the repair business, so these steps are only suggestions.



Step 1.

Clean the scratched area to prepare for application

Step 2.

Shake vigorously for minimum of one minute. (ensure paint is thoroughly mixed)
Before using ensure that you shake vigorously until you see the prominent color throughout the bottle.


Shake until the bottle is thoroughly mixed and the mixing balls are dominant.


Due to all the new colors and the metallic formulas we have added the below instructions in the next paragraph.


Remove brush from bottle and dry with a paper towel. Dip brush into bottle to the depth of covering the brush hairs only. DO NOT BLOB paint onto repair area. If you blob or get too much paint, the color will be too dark! It's always good to experiment on a piece of cardboard or wood to get the correct technique for application.


With brush applicator, put a thin coat of touch-up paint on scratch, brushing with scratch in one direction. If scratch is wide and/or deep, allow first coat to dry and then apply second coat. Depending on severity of damage, sometimes one coat will cover. Allow to dry for 24 hours between coats or use. PROTECT GOOD FINISH! IF NECESSARY, USE MASKING TAPE TO ISOLATE SCRATCH OR CHIP!

Step 3.

If smoothing is needed, you may buff with a clean soft rag, fine steel wool or use very fine finishing grade sandpaper. Buff in ONE DIRECTION. Remember to protect good finish by isolating repair area!

Step 4.

Apply a light polishing compound to bring out the natural shine. Car wax paste works good!

You are finished - It's that easy!

Here is how one customer made his repairs: TM-GP3800 Paint for TaylorMade Tour Burner and FW Woods

“I have already used the TaylorMade Burner paint you sent and I like the results. I used it on both a TaylorMade Burner Rescue club and a TaylorMade R9 Fairway metal. In each case, I painted smallest area I could using masking tape around the touch up site. First I cleaned the touch up area and then roughed it up a bit prior to applying the paint. After about 24 hours drying time, I removed the masking tape and used paste car wax to buff away the edges created by the tape before applying a new coat of wax to the entire club.

I think they look very good now. Application of paint was quick and easy too”.

Thanks again,


Dick Robison

Please Note: If you plan to paint entire club head, it is suggested to either air brush or spray paint, not to leave brush marks! If neither of the previous are chosen, then use a larger brush for application to entire crown. Our paints are compatible with most paint thinners. Check out this page for a suggested spray apparatus that is affordable and works great!


Another great method of applying is with a micro-fiber rag if you want to refresh the entire club head.   It leaves no brush marks and you don't have to worry about a spray apparatus.  It's the kind of soft and smooth rags you buy at Walmart or about any major store.

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